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    Nikki's GM Application


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    Nikki's GM Application

    Post  Nikki on Wed Jun 17, 2009 2:41 am

    What are you applying for:
    Super GM or just normal GM (you pick)

    Nikki Taylor


    Where do you live/Timezone:
    EST Eastern Standard Time
    I live in USA, Michigan

    Times online:
    I usually stay on from 2 - 5 hours per day


    How you'd handle a hacker:
    I think that hacking ruins the fun of everything and it really isnt fair when you see someone walking around doing millions of damage.
    So if I see one I would perm ban them so that they wouldnt be hacking anymore in this server Cool

    Experiences of Java , and c++:
    Well, I tried making my own private server but vista has failed me once again. If I need really high experience I will study my heart out. Im not the best at coding, but I think I know a thing or two. study

    Experiences of being GM:
    Well I been a GM twice in 2 servers, PokishMS and FlowerMS. They got
    shut down because of nexon though. I may know a few commands, but not them all. (I know exactly where to get more commands, anyways xD) I was super GM on them both.

    Why should we choose you:
    Well, I want to make this server more popular, fun, and hackerless.
    I would do my best to help others find there way around and get started in TommyMS. I have a really nice personality, I like to make people laugh (or sometimes make myself laugh) and make them happy.

    How will you help the server:
    Hmm.. I would try to get rid of ALL the hackers as possible. I would try to make some good events so nobody will get bored. I will help the low lvls get started. tongue Or I could try making some npcs.

    Extra Stuff

    Whats your daily life style:

    Well, I get up at about 11 am and eat breakfast. Then I feed my cats; Bootsie and ChiChi. (They eat like pigs! D:) After that I take a shower and brush my teeth/hair. Then I take my dog Rover out for a walk, then I let him play at the dog park near our house for 10 minutes. I bring hime home and eat Lunch (Usually at 1-2pm)
    and then get on my laptop to play games.

    School days
    I get up at 8 am and eat breakfast, then feed my cats and Rover. After all that I watch some T.V. (usually cartoons) Then I go off to school

    What school do you go to:
    High school


    Your age:
    15 Surprised

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    Post   on Wed Jun 17, 2009 1:54 pm

    good app we ll consider it

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    Re: Nikki's GM Application

    Post  Nikki on Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:02 pm

    jeffwie wrote:good app we ll consider it
    thanks jeff ^^

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    Re: Nikki's GM Application

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