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    Tommy's Gm application



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    Tommy's Gm application

    Post  firepot on Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:30 am

    What are you applying for:Lvl 3 Gm position

    Name :Tommy G Leong

    Ign(in-game name):GlvlTommy

    Age :13

    Where do you live/Timezone:I live in Canada, british columbia.

    Times online:everyday from 3hours-7 hours


    How you'd handle a hacker? : i would use hide and stalk him to see if he does i would probably stalk for about 1 hour or two if he doesnt crack i change my stuff around and act like a normal player and that usually gets them to hack.

    Experiences of Java , and c++ (Coding):None but i have all GM codes

    experiences of being a gm?:I was GM in flashboy ms, iexplorems, xcowboyms, tornadoms, and xtremesmexms.

    Why should we choose you?:Because i have really great ideas and i am experienced and i have a really good GM attitude and i go on alot. I know most of the codes and will be a great addition to your team and i also think i would join because personnaly i hate hackers. They cant do anything by themselves. So i would join to help people, do events i even have Frapps which records the game with high quality.

    How will you help the server?: I will help do at least 2-5 events aday i will help ban hackers i will make videos with frapps and put them on youtube, i will post on many sites, i will promote and tell people to vote, i will suggest systems and help everybody with what they need. i will suggest things for the server like making it alittle lower exp because if you lvl to fast it would be very boring to rebirth and rebirth and rebirth.

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    Re: Tommy's Gm application

    Post   on Thu Jun 18, 2009 8:58 am

    lol i ll think about it , keep trying hard

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