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    FlyGuy GM application



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    FlyGuy GM application

    Post  FlyGuy on Wed Jun 17, 2009 12:57 am

    What are you applying for: the open Gm spot

    Name : Mike Jordan

    Ign(in-game name):FlyGuy

    Age :16

    Where do you live/Timezone: Virginia Eastern timezone

    Times online:Most of the day

    E-Mail: soxfresh@yahoo.com

    How you'd handle a hacker? :I would watch and see if he/she is hacking then ban him/her because they should know hacking is not allowed.

    Experiences of Java , and c++: Yes I have used them both

    experiences of being a gm?: Yes I been a GM for many of the first servers like ChaosMS but I quit cuz I didn't like the way the owner ran the server. Also I owned my own server it was called PopularMS but I couldn't find any coders cuz I don't know how to code so I had to close it.

    Why should we choose you?: I have experience and a lot about the game like most people don't know that a Bandit can hold two daggers, plus I will be on to help players that need assistance with anything. Also I am a very responsible and reliable person.

    How will you help the server?: I will promote the server in many different ways like making videos for youtube and help get many votes and I myself can even vote every chance I get to help the server get to the top and be a well known server.

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    Post   on Wed Jun 17, 2009 2:08 am

    u do know , java + c++ = coding ....no one is ASKING U IF U HAVE USED IT B4 = =

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