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    Chex's GM App.



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    Chex's GM App.

    Post  Chex on Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:04 am

    Name :Charlieeeee (:

    Age :13

    Where do you live/Timezone:Uhm.. California . So I suppose its PST.

    How active will you be:Even If I didnt become a GM Id stillbe active whenever the servers on.(:


    Hobbies :Playing Maplestory. Watching over my friends server. And playing DriftMS

    How you'd handle a hacker :Well, If I wasnt GM I would just report it to Tommy or any other GM's but If I was. Then I would screenshot it. Then come out of hide. Jail. If not then Ban. Depends.

    If two people were fighting, what would you do? :I would ask for both sides of the stories and then see who is right. Because there is always an explanation to the problem. Or Id just say stop.

    How many servers have you been a GM/Admin in?: Mhmm.......About 5 or 6.

    DriftMS,DevilianMS,DrakeMS,NoobMS,GoodTimesMS, and SwineMS.

    Why should we choose you:Well, Id be chosen because.. Well I am like not ALWAYS on because I do have a life but I can still manage to get on most of the time. And I can code a little but IF you need a coder Id be willing to learn it because my older brother knows how.

    Reason i applied: To be able to help the server more. Instead of waitting on someone. Because If you happen not to be on and then I try to get the hacker banned. But I cant. So I just wanna help the server more.

    Summary of yourself : Im a funny playful guy. Im both Goofy and serious. I can be REALLY gooofy at times but If you wanted me to get serious I would. And I can tell when to get serious.

    Extra Info:Well, uhm.. I have 2 older sisters . A girlfriend. o-o And I get straight A's?

    In game name:Instinct

    Thanks for spending your time to read my GM app. Hope it WASNT a waste of time (: Alright see YOU in game~<3

    Charlie. (:


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    Post  Admin on Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:21 am

    dude i like ur Gm app Very Happy but get 15 ppl or anyone get 15 ppl
    will become gm

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