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    darwins intern app



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    darwins intern app

    Post   on Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:17 am

    I made a new app because the old app had a problem with the poll

    NAME:darwin jay


    AGE: 16

    GENDER: male

    TIMEZONE: GMT -10:00 hawaii (no daylight saving time here)

    PLAYING TIMES: I play 4+hours On weekdays

    POSITION:anywhere you wanna put me in (if i get the job)

    EXPERIENCE: 1)Ive played on gms for about 3 years
    2)i been a jr.gm for a server to do patrolling for like wen other ppls cant do it
    3)i'm learning stuff that would be usefull to the game

    RANDOM STUFF: im filipino. born and raised in hawaii. some ppl know that im a quiet person that works hard....yea thats true but i also can be fun. the music i listen to simply starts with the letter R reggae rock and rap. i have 4 dogs and 3 puppies. i enjoy shave ice a local treat.

    WHAT DID U CONTRIBUTE TO tommyMS: well i help some ppl lvl to their first rb because the first try is always the hardest most of the times.

    HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING FOR: i belive for about a week and a half. is that too short?

    WHY SHOULD I BE CHOSEN:i'll help people if needed.i will always respect players and other Gms, Admins, etc.
    I really enjoy helping people even if have to sacrifice myself. if anyone need something I'll do my best to help them and I love wen people say "thank you" and smile then walk away its like taking care of a little bird then letting it go...hoping it wont get eaten. Razz

    WHAT WILL U DO IF YOU GET THE JOB[/color]: ill try my best to meet everyones expectations. but if i fail i will 100% make it up one way or another.

    WHY DID U APPLY:I applyed for intern so I can prove I'm worth becoming a Gm. i never really feel usefull but this is a great start and if im rejected ill still have a feeling of accomplishment that i have tried.

    ENDING NOTE: im sorry if my grammer is awful but hey i live in hawaii and the location does have effect on the language for example austrailia one of the awsome places ive been to they speak pidgeon which i belive branched off the english language. the most important fact about maplestory and its private servers is that to have fun. also lvl is nothing if you are gonna do nothing to help others.

    No Banning Anyone for no reason(cuz thats just plain mean)
    No free items unless they win a event
    Don’t Change the rates
    No Hacking Even if you are a GM(who ever broke this rule is seriously retarted)
    Respect The People Around you
    Those are rules take effect in and out of the game even tho i cant be a master of life but oh well

    [[[i know its kinda short but leave some questions and ill try add it onto this post]]] alien <- lol mr green

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    Post   on Mon Jun 15, 2009 1:52 pm

    ncie app good luck

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