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    HeyUThere's GM APP

    Post  heyuthere1 on Wed Jun 03, 2009 3:40 am

    What are you applying for: Gm/Coder

    Name : John Garcia

    Age : 16

    Where do you live/Timezone:Florida- Eastern time

    How active will you be: Ill be on 24/7

    E-Mail: ixdkxi@hotmial.com

    Hobbies : Well i love maplestory xD sports, Music, and makin youtube videos lol Laughing

    How you'd handle a hacker : Well first i will tell him the reason why he gettin bannd for and if he tries to make everything worst i will just bannd him right on the spot.

    If two people were fighting, what would you do? : i waill ask them why are they fighting then i would try to find a solution to there problem and if there isnt way to find a solution i will make sure these two players dont meet face to face to they can avoid fightin again.

    How many servers have you been a GM/Admin in? : I be a lvl 2 Admin in 1 server called SkittlezStory and a Gm in UglySotry.

    Why should we choose you: Cuz im experinced and i know most of the rules so i wont take advantage of them because being gm doesnt give you a right to do anything u want GM is a title given to by trust and u should respect that. Alos because im Loyal, Respectful, And Trusthworthy the 3 main thing u need in a good gm.

    Reason i applied: I applied beuase i know i will give 110% to the server and because i know u are in need of a coder and lucky for u im a experinced coder that can code alots of thing that u mgiht need for this server.

    Summary of yourself : Well im Puerto Rican, I live in Florida with my parents. i love music, maple story and girls lol Very Happy im a cool laid back person im not shy so i will have ppl in a good mood all the time. My birthday is sept 20 will be 17 soon woot woot tongue i think the cell phone was one of the best creations in the world lol i cant live without my phone xD lol! well thats basicly it that i can say about my self.

    Extra Info:well ima use this extra info selction to show u proof i have that ive be a gm in a other server sorry if it laggy just did a real quick video for u too see that i was really a game in a other server well hope u like and thank you for takin your time to read this bye =D

    In game name: HeyUThere

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