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    My Gm App: Takumi


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    My Gm App: Takumi

    Post  Takumi on Thu Jun 25, 2009 12:10 pm

    What are you app for:SuperGM
    Where do you live:Japan/Monday-Sunday
    Times online:About 10 hours 3 or 4 or 14
    How you will handle a hacker?:I will give him one last chance if he did again i will banned him.
    Exp of java and code?:Well i not very good at that kind of stuff but i only know how to handle SuperGM only
    Exp of Gm:Well i have been Gm in other server such as SouLMS,CrecentMs and i have all the Gm id and code i will host many events and won't break any server rules and i will pay respect to owners and other Gm in the server.
    Why should we choose you: because i am very kind and helpful to other players and i can help players when they have problems or fights with other players i can tsop them and let them to be friends but i like to be Gm because i always be helpful and kind to all admins so i try hard to be active and be kind.
    Will you help the server:Yes i will i always vote everyday and make the server alive i hope i can stay this server forever thanks! : D

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