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    crazy Virus , its time to reformat


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    crazy Virus , its time to reformat

    Post   on Fri Jun 19, 2009 10:23 am

    wow my computer has this crazy ass virus , basically it screws up all the files and programs u have . It has infected my ms , msn , Recycling Bin , and ALOT OF OTHER FILES. command list ( the thing where u press ctrl,alt and delete button)

    When the program is infected it cannot be used , every file has different problem when it got infected. Like my Ms runs like a snail, my msn 's deck colour changed into this grey and black colour............ i guess i need to reformat ( means everything will be wiped , and all virus and bugs will be gone as well)

    ;[[ ... talk to u guys later , i need to reformat and start downloading everything bounce

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